Life isn't about waiting for the storms to's about learning to dance in the rain.
Or as a fellow Uni-student likes to remind me: Sometimes its hard to dance in the rain, when you're being pelted by hail!! :-)

08 July 2014

The Mid Year Stocktake. Part 2 

Making: Lists! I have to. My memory is not the same any more. 

Deciding: what to write my next few posts on. I'm keeping a list of things to write about so that I don't fall off the wagon again! Any ideas? 

Let me know :)

Wishing: that my 16 yr old son would take his L's test. I know he'll love driving and the freedom that comes from getting your drivers license. But, quietly, he's terrified. He suffers awfully from "fear of failure" Poor boy.

Liking: getting home after a long day, and climbing into bed. Bliss.

Pondering:  how to fit everything into my life and still have time to stop and smell the roses. Its ridiculous really, I have very dear special friends who I haven't seen in months!

Considering: what colour to paint the walls inside the house. Its been 13 years since we painted, and truly time for a refresh! 

Needing: a holiday! Preferably a secluded white beach, a hammock, a good book and many fresh cocktails. Paradise!

Hoping: everyday I wake up hoping to have energy. You just get so much more done if you're running at 100%

Smelling: the roses. Life can get crazy, and I of all people need to remember that I need to stop and smell those roses once in a while. 

Following: a number of blogs, but here are 4 of my favourites.                                                     

Noticing: all the little things that make me happy, and learning to be grateful for them. Everyday.

Knowing: that I am so lucky to love my work. And a big part of that are the amazing people I work with. So blessed. 

Thinking: about family, who live so far away. One of the downsides of migration. The disconnection sucks. And my kids growing up with grandparents and cousins. Makes me sad.

Feeling: tired. Living with hypothyroidism and insulin resistance is exhausting. 

Getting: inspired to blog more often :) 

Snacking: cheese! Love cheese! My snack of choice. 

Hearing: at this very moment my hubby talking on the phone, and the washing machine churning away in the background. 

So that's me, taking stock.....

was much harder than it looks! 
But, so pleased to have done it now. 

Back again soon, 

K xx

07 July 2014


Can't believe its been over a year since I last blogged! What the hell? That wasn't supposed to happen.
Oh well, time flies and all that.....but seriously! 

Saw this today on a few blogs I follow and thought, thats a great way to make a come back! Ha!

Its called: The Mid Year Stocktake.

Cooking : Loads of new recipes in my Thermomix. Aubrey bought it for me for my Birthday/Christmas a few years ago, and I LOVE it! This thing is the bees knees! 

Drinking : Coffee. My usual is a weak latte. I know, you're probably shaking your head at me, but I really cant drink the high octane stuff like I used to. Gives me an instant headache. On the odd occasion when I go out, I love a good Moscato, Proseco or cocktail. 

Reading: The Lou Mason series by Joel Goldman. Started the 5th and last book last night. Will be sad when it's over. 

Wanting: There's a big difference between needing and wanting. Although I need for not much, there's always a want list. 

Looking: at renovation ideas. Our poor dilapidated house is in desperate need. One day we'll get round to it.  

Playing: Sudoku. Gets the old grey matter going. 

Enjoying: I'm currently participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge, and really enjoying the changes I'm starting to notice in myself. Instead of dwelling on the negative in our daily grind, look for the positives. 

People successfully completing the challenge claimed to:
  •  - Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
  •  - Be in a better mood every day;
  •  - Start receiving more compliments from other people;
  •  - Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
  •  - Become more optimistic;
  •  - Fall in love during the challenge.

Go on, join in! You can start at anytime.

Waiting: for the weekend. Always. 

Wondering: how different our lives would have been had we stayed in South Africa. I know it's probably not healthy to, but I think it's totally normal. Or maybe I'm weird? 

Loving: Winter in Sydney. Although the nights and mornings are very fresh (3-8 degrees), I love being able to wear boots, jumpers, jackets and scarves! 

Watching: I am a self-confessed TV addict! There I said it :) 
  • The Voice and The Voice Kids! Incredible.
  • Masterchef
  • Selling Houses Australia - Love it! 
  • Suits
  • The Blacklist - The best series. Ever!
I could go on, and on....but I'll leave it there. For now.

Marvelling: - daily at my children, who are growing up before my very eyes. How was it possible that I could have been so lucky. They are growing into remarkable young people. Fills my heart.

Wearing: Never really been one for labels, I just don't see the point in paying a small fortune for clothes/shoes. I get as much pleasure shopping at Op shops as I do at markets, and retail shops :)  

Admiring: My amazing sister Guinevere. Our family have had more than their share of sadness, losing my Mum to Ovarian Cancer in 2006, and my sister Guinevere's husband to Pancreatic cancer in 2009. Then last year my sister was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She has been incredibly courageous throughout her treatment, and now we wait to hear the finally results of her lastest PET scan. We are so grateful she is still with us.

Sorting: Slowly working my way through the house, de-cluttering, clearing and sorting.

Buying: Organic. As much as we can afford, I try to shop organic. It can be a bit of a mine field when trying to work out what to buy organic. I find This very helpful.

Bookmarking:  I LOVE Pinterest! Its a fantastic place to bookmark all sorts of things. Like one day when we finally renovate our home or rebuild - I'll have everything I need at my finger tips! But be warned people, its addictive!

Disliking: Politics. Oh. Em. Gee. This country and its politics - enough to drive anyone to drink.

Opening: Love opening Facebook and Instagram when I wake up in the mornings and see what my family and friends have been up to. I have met the most wonderful people through Instagram, and I can honestly say many of them will be friends for life. 

Giggling: at Oliver (16) who comes up with the funniest things! 
This week in the car: 
"Mom, what do you think happens if you fart in space?Does it just stay in a fart bubble, or would it disperse?"
It just amazes me what goes on in his head sometimes!! I haven't laughed so much in a long while.

Coveting: This! 

That's all I've got time for at the moment, the rest to follow shortly. 

Making,Deciding,Wishing,Liking,Pondering,Considering,Hoping,Needing,Smelling Following, 


I do hope this finds you all well, 
Much love as always

Kathy x

27 May 2013

From the ashes..... a phoenix, I've have decided its time to resurrect my blog. 

I have thought about doing this so many times over the last few years, but.... you know. 
There's always a thousand other things that need doing. And then when I do have spare time, what do I do with it....

  • Catch up with friends - either coffee or alcohol will do
  • Peruse the shops
  • Catch up on the hours of crap TV that I'm addicted to
  • Play Candy Crush (that stupid stupid game!)
  • Lurk on Facebook (stalk book)
  • Take photos for Instagram
When I really should be:
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Washing 
  • Ironing
HA! Yeah right, as if that's ever going to happen.  

Anyway, hello everyone, and welcome back :)

I promise to write a longer post soon, with all the news of whats been happening. 

Much love,
Kathy x

20 September 2010

Motto / Aphorism / Maxim......

I like these words :)
If only I could start putting them into practice.

16 September 2010

Olli :-) last!
Photo's of Olli. 

His soccer team - division winners!

Close-up :)

His official school photo.

The morning he was named sports captain!

22 August 2010

Soccer soccer!

Some recent photos of the kids playing soccer.

{click to enlarge}
Olli playing in navy blue, white boots and #7 on his back.

{click to enlarge}
Emma playing in navy blue, red boots and #12 on her back.

Can't believe soccer season is almost finished! Olli's team won their league, very exciting!
Next weekend, will be the last games for both of them :(
But....there is hope :)
They have both decided to play summer soccer (futsal). Yay!!
Olli will join an all boys team, made up of  boys from this seasons team.
Emma is joining a mixed team, with her boyfriend.
It's a great, fun, fast game. And will keep their fitness and skills up till next year.

PS: still trying to get my printer/scanner working so that I can scan and upload those photos of Olli I've been promising!

Soon  xxx

21 August 2010


.............of South Africa.
There is so much I miss about my home country.

The smells.....
{images: google and my own}

The sounds.....
{images: google}

The sights.....
{images: google}

The beauty....

{images: google}

The animals and bush.....

The beautiful people.....

{images: my special Helen & google}

The crafts.....
{images: google}

My precious family :)
{images: family}

But.... having said that, I certainly don't miss.....

the crime
the waking up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat
the worrying about the future of my children
the living behind 8ft walls, electric fences, bars and gates
the driving with the windows up and doors locked
the daily duel with the taxis
and the constant living in fear.

South Africa will always remain in my heart and soul.

19 August 2010

My 2 'study buddies'

Shumba keeping a watchful eye.
Nelson, making sure I stay off Facebook :)

17 August 2010

What am I ?

Making : promises to myself

Cooking : chicken paneng curry with hokkien noodles

Drinking : proper chai tea -taught to me by my Indian friend Swarti. Delicious!

Reading: "The girl who played with fire": Stieg Larsson

Wanting: to feel healthy, energetic and happy :)

Looking: forward to spring

Playing: my favourites on iTunes

Wasting: too much time playing Frontierville on Facebook!

Sewing: hrrrmmpppfft! Wish I had time for sewing!

Wishing: upon a star, that some things could be different.

Enjoying: the peace and quiet. Kids are in bed :)

Waiting: for the results on my echocardiogram. Hmmm...

Liking: the weather at the moment.

Wondering: if the kids will have soccer this weekend

Loving: spending time with friends, catching up over a coffee or glass of red!

Hoping: I can get through this last subject at Uni

Marvelling: at the kindness of people

Needing: a holiday away

Smelling: clean laundry

Wearing: clothes that haven't fitted me in a long time :)

Following: my friends blogs

Noticing: how big my children are getting. When did that happen?

Knowing: that no matter how tough things get, Aubrey will always be beside me.

Thinking: of a good nights sleep

Bookmarking: new blogs that I continue to discover

Opening: myself to new adventures

Giggling: at funny emails I get from friends :)

Feeling: content

09 August 2010

Emma :)

My gorgeous daughter :)
I'm allowed to be a little biased.....aren't I ?
Recent photo's of Emma :)
She wont usually let a camera near her,
but I finally managed to convince her to let me take a few pics!

Olli is now doing the "pulling faces"/ "hiding behind his hand" thing!
So, I will scan his school photo in :)
He looks great in it!