Life isn't about waiting for the storms to's about learning to dance in the rain.
Or as a fellow Uni-student likes to remind me: Sometimes its hard to dance in the rain, when you're being pelted by hail!! :-)

08 July 2014

The Mid Year Stocktake. Part 2 

Making: Lists! I have to. My memory is not the same any more. 

Deciding: what to write my next few posts on. I'm keeping a list of things to write about so that I don't fall off the wagon again! Any ideas? 

Let me know :)

Wishing: that my 16 yr old son would take his L's test. I know he'll love driving and the freedom that comes from getting your drivers license. But, quietly, he's terrified. He suffers awfully from "fear of failure" Poor boy.

Liking: getting home after a long day, and climbing into bed. Bliss.

Pondering:  how to fit everything into my life and still have time to stop and smell the roses. Its ridiculous really, I have very dear special friends who I haven't seen in months!

Considering: what colour to paint the walls inside the house. Its been 13 years since we painted, and truly time for a refresh! 

Needing: a holiday! Preferably a secluded white beach, a hammock, a good book and many fresh cocktails. Paradise!

Hoping: everyday I wake up hoping to have energy. You just get so much more done if you're running at 100%

Smelling: the roses. Life can get crazy, and I of all people need to remember that I need to stop and smell those roses once in a while. 

Following: a number of blogs, but here are 4 of my favourites.                                                     

Noticing: all the little things that make me happy, and learning to be grateful for them. Everyday.

Knowing: that I am so lucky to love my work. And a big part of that are the amazing people I work with. So blessed. 

Thinking: about family, who live so far away. One of the downsides of migration. The disconnection sucks. And my kids growing up with grandparents and cousins. Makes me sad.

Feeling: tired. Living with hypothyroidism and insulin resistance is exhausting. 

Getting: inspired to blog more often :) 

Snacking: cheese! Love cheese! My snack of choice. 

Hearing: at this very moment my hubby talking on the phone, and the washing machine churning away in the background. 

So that's me, taking stock.....

was much harder than it looks! 
But, so pleased to have done it now. 

Back again soon, 

K xx

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